Payments Reimagined

Get paid by anyone, anywhere and at anytime faster online using credit and debit cards.

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Reliable Payments

Accept payments on highly realiable and scalable payment infrastructures that are built to reduce failures.

Go Global

Grow your business, go global and accept payments from anywhere and at anytime around the world.

Secure by Design

Highest level of data encryption built in with tools employed to protect you against fraud.

Accept All Methods of Payment

Card Payments

Accept all major debit and credit cards with SecureCode and 3D protection against fraud.

Account Number Payments

Accept payments from customers using their Nigerian bank account numbers.

Phone Number Payments

Accept payments from customers using only their mobile phone numbers.

Cash Payments

Accept customer payments from over 5,000 bank branches across Nigeria.

Mobile Checkout

Accept in-person payments with Payant Checkout using your mobile device.

QR Code

Let your customers scan and pay on in-person and on your applications.

Get Paid Around the World

Grow your business, go global and get paid by anyone.

Local Cards
Accept MasterCard, Visa and Verve.

International Cards
Accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express.

Recurring Payments
Tokonize and subsequently charge all cards.

Split Payments
Split payment between you and your merchants.

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